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BrowserStack – Browser Emulator

(October 2nd, 2015)

After installing add on BrowserStack allows to choose from all popular browsers with their various versions to display the specified websites.

It offers testing on

– All popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc.
– All possible versions of each browser.
– A host of Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, iOS, Android, OS X etc.
– plenty of resolutions upto 2048 * 1536

Sql Injection.

(October 1st, 2015)

Checking Vulnerability: To check if the site is vulnerable to SQLi the most common way is to just add an apostrophe( ‘ ) after one of the parameters in the URL.


Now if the site is vulnerable it will show error like:

You have an error in your SQL Syntax

Warning: mysql_num_rows()
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc()
Warning: mysql_result()
Warning: mysql_fetch_array()
Warning: mysql_numrows()
Warning: mysql_preg_match()

Why JQuery?

(August 9th, 2015)

Selector Magic

(June 22nd, 2015)

Selecting Elements by Attribute

$( “input[name=’first_name’]” );

Selecting Elements by Compound CSS Selector

$( “#contents ul.people li” );

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JQuery Titbits

(May 20th, 2015)

To show/hide a div:

$("#thisdv").show('explode'); 	// where <div id="TempAddress">


To remove an element:


To add html as a first element in a container (#content):
	$("#content").prepend('<div id="firstdv" >');

To add html element at the end in a container (#bannerimg)
	$("#content").append('<img src="...">');

How to Prevent sql injection:

(May 20th, 2015)

Use mysql_real_escape_string() function for every posted (input) thing so that any (possible) injected sql will only become a string constant and will not be able to execute.
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Export & Download to MS Excel Format.

(May 20th, 2015)

This simple php code fetches required records from the database and builds a CSV file with proper http headers so that the file is downloaded to the user’s machine.
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Multiple Files Upload Example.

(May 18th, 2015)



<form name="fileupload_form" action="fileupload_proc.php" method="post" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center">
		<td align=center><input type="file" size=30 name="uploadfile_1" value=""/></td>
		<td align=center><input type="file" size=30 name="uploadfile_2" value=""/></td>

		<td align=center><input type="file" size=30 name="uploadfile_3" value=""/></td>
		<td align=center><input type="submit" name=submit value=submit/></td>

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