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    该 appapp适用于以江河、湖泊、海水水源的处理和生活必威处理,同时也可用于体育地下水的物化 法处理(即一级半处理),及中水回用,处理能力较强,能够满足企业在野外作业和政府应急救灾时必威的 供应,为政府在治理地下水体育、地表水体育、改善水资源方面做出突出贡献。

     Governmental use The water purification equipment is applicable to river water,lake water,seawater and city water treatment and physico-chemical treatment of contaminated groundwater and intermediate water reuse. It provides drinking water for enterprises work outside and government emergency disaster relief and contributes prominently to the management of groundwater contamination,surface water pollution.